SRH Hotel-Akademie Dresden – International Hospitality Management (english track)

Bachelor of Arts

in cooperation with SRH Hochschule Berlin

SRH Hotel-AkademieThe international hospitality industry offers a lot of opportunities to executives who are confident acting in a multicultural setting and capable of managing short-term and long-term problems. There is a need for dynamic and qualified managers who combine academic knowledge with practical expertise.

The SRH Hochschule Berlin with its experience in multicultural management and the SRH Hotel-Akademie Dresden with its reputation for excellence in hospitality management can give you the opportunity to start a successful career within the hospitality industry.

Programme structure:

  • 7 terms fulltime
  • Including 12 months practical training phases in Germany or abroad

Major field of study:
SRH Hotel-AkademieThe International Hospitality Management programme consists of seven semesters representing various phases. Each semester covers modules that focus on theoretical knowledge (basics, in-depth study and advanced-level courses), methods, individual profile development and practical training.

1st semester – Introductory phase
Introduction to business management and expertise specific to the hospitality industry; Introduction to academic study and research; Development of methodological competence

2nd semester – Continuation phase
Continuation of introductory courses; Initial experience of transferring theory into practice in a real business setting; Furthering personal and professional growth

3rd semester – Preparatory phase: “Going International”
Preparation for the international internship in the 4th semester

4th semester – Implementation phase “Being International”
Acquiring intercultural experience in a professional context; Applying academic knowledge on the job; Enhancing language skills

  • International internship (6 months)

5th semester – Reflection phase “Running a Hotel”
Linking experiences during the international internship to the theoretical background; Insights into the management of the various operational units of a hotel

6th semester – Specialisation phase “Hotel as a Project”
Training in strategic and project management; Execution of a practical project including a business plan; Organisation of an event

7th semester – Profile phase “Bachelor’s thesis”
Bachelor’s thesis focusing on a research question concerned with hotel management; Preparation for career entry through practical experience in your favoured organisational field

  • 2nd Practical phase (4 months)
  • Bachelor’s thesis

Unique Features of the study programme:
The study programme is designed to enable the student to solve complex problems in the hospitality industry independently, professionally, efficiently and with the help of academic tools. The students get trained to work in teams as well as to lead teams and projects. Students are provided with the knowledge of business management and the specific industry expertise that will enable them to assume managerial responsibility for the hotel business.

The practical application of theoretical knowledge is particularly important within the hospitality industry. Therefore, the programme puts particular emphasis on combining academic study with periods of practical training. In addition to application-oriented projects, the study programme incorporates a total of twelve months spent in practical training placements in Germany and abroad. This essential development of practical skills and experience in an international environment lays important foundations for fulfilling the student’s career aspirations in the hotel and tourism industry.

Admission requirements and tuition fees
To succeed in the Bachelor programme International Hospitality Management you need to be very customer focused, have a high degree of commitment and social competence.

Additional formal requirements are as follows

  • General qualification for admission to higher education (qualifications acquired in countries other than Germany will be considered individually for recognition)
  • Language requirements for the English-based programme are TOEFL (minimum score PBT 550, CBT 213, internet-based 79-80) or comparable certificates (e.g. IELTS Academic: at least 6.5; TOEIC: at least 730). A university degree completed in English will suffice as proof of language proficiency.
  • A 4-week practical training placement at a hotel prior to the start of the programme.

Invest in your future
The tuition fee for all students during the International Hospitality Management programme is € 570 per month. This fee is fixed for the whole duration of the programme. In addition to the tuition fees, a registration fee of € 250 is to be paid.

It is well worth making this investment: you can expect a high-quality education and practical preparation for your future career. We offer:

  • Small study groups
  • Direct contact with professors and lecturers
  • Support in finding internships and jobs through our Career Service
  • Rapid entry into employment upon graduation
  • Career opportunities around the world

We would be glad to send you further information about any of our degree programmes via post or email.

The study programme “International Hospitality Management” BA. starts every year:

  • April 1st
  • October 1st

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